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Louis Pommery Brut England 75cl

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UK English Sparkling Pommery

This sparkling wine opens with sublime notes of green apples with both good acidity and pleasant minerality.
Then, a crisp, lemony mousse adds freshness and vitality to the wine?s buttery, cakey characteristics.
It finishes with an aroma of peaches and apricots.
It?s a pleasant new wine which makes a wonderful accompaniment to a meal with friends.

After making a fortune in the wool industry, in 1856, Mr Pommery was in fragile health and decided to retire from business and enjoy a quiet life. His son Louis was no longer a child. Mr Pommery and his wife did not have any special plans. They simply wanted to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. But destiny had other things in store for them? Madame Pommery discovered she was expecting a child, at the age of 38. This miraculous pregnancy, more than 17 years after her first, would change their lives forever. To provide for his baby daughter, Mr Pommery decided to go back into business. But the wool industry was in crisis. However, the champagne trade was booming.
Champagne is a unique region, a unique wine, the oldest AOC in France and is only produced in the specific area delimited by law on 22 July 1927. Out of the 34,000 hectares making up our vineyards in Champagne, we have contracts on almost 2,000 hectares and we wholly own and cultivate 255 hectares using sustainable wine growing methods.
Sustainable wine growing is a collective approach operated in Champagne since 2001. It was introduced following a standard written by the ?Sustainable wine growing in Champagne? inter-professional group and vineyard self-diagnostic. Major environmental protection efforts were undertaken, in several areas, such as soil work, vine management, waste management, vine protection products, etc.

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