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Fitz Brut White 75cl Sparkling Wine Made In England

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UK English Sparkling Fitz

Fitz Brut is the Flagship wine and an awarding winning first release from Fitz. The wine is the first of its kind, On the nose the wine has delicate floral notes with Elderflower and Honeysuckle. The palate is well balanced and dry, it has flavors of Green apple, Stone fruit and Citrus alongside the Floral notes experienced on the nose. A fine persistent mousse akin to Crémant sets it aside from other Charmat production and it has a unique depth and complexity. The wine is crisp and refreshing and has good length and a clean finish.

Fitz Brut works best as an aperitif but when pairing with food we recommend fresh seafood or chicken dishes. If you're feeling adventurous then Thai cuisine with some sweetness works well with the contrasting acidity of the wine.

Country - UK
Region - England, Sussex
Production Method - Charmat
Vegan - Yes
Sustainable - Yes
Sugar Level - Dry 8g/l
Acidity Level - 10g/l
First Ferment - Steel
MLF - Partial

"Voted as the best Charmat production globally in the 2019 Glass of Bubbly awards. "


"Who wants to be King...."

Fitz is short for  Fitzroy (from the French fils-du-roi), a name once given to illegitmate offspring of the king in Norman times. Someone with quality parentage and the same DNA, who doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the family. 

Fitz is a re-interpretation of what a Sparkling Wine made in England from English grapes can be. Its different from all the rest as they are the first to produce English sparkling wine using the Charmat method of production.

Charmat is a method commonly used in sparkling wines from Italy for example and offers a different taste profile to the biscuity, yeasty and dry taste of a French Champagne or classic English Sparkling Wine. Our production techniques give the wine a fresher, more approachable, fruit driven style. The intention is to offer an easy-drinking wine to be enjoyed for all occasions.


Why the Charmat method....

Fitz is the first English wine producer to create a Charmat method sparkling wine. This production method is most commonly associated with the popular Italian sparkling wine, Prosecco. The method involves the use of stainless steel tanks to house our secondary fermentation and allows us to produce a fruit driven sparkling wine that offers consumers a different style of wine focused far more on being fresh, affordable and fun whilst still retaining a focus on high quality and a premium feel.

With most producers looking to Champagne for inspiration often you will find English sparkling wine is almost exactly the same or closely comparable in terms of style and price. Fitz offers a unique opportunity to have an English sparkling wine on the list but bridge the price point between Champagne and Prosecco offering restaurants and bars a product that can appeal to a wider range of consumers.

With English wine going from strength to strength and production growing, our goal is to be able to provide consumers and sellers choice and allow a larger number of wine drinkers the chance to explore the category without the restraint and barrier of pricing. The brand is focused on creating an inclusive feel so that all consumers are comfortable ordering a glass of Fitz either with a meal, at the bar or on the internet.

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