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Taylors Late Bottled Vintage Port 2016 & Glasses Gift Box

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2016 Port Taylors

Late Bottled Vintage, or LBV, is the most popular premium Port style, representing one in five purchases of Port. Which makes it the ideal gift, this set comes with 2 glasses.

Vintage Port and LBV both present a selection of very fine full bodied red ports from a single year. The fundamental difference between the two styles lies in the way each is matured. Vintage Port is kept in wood for only twenty months or so before being transferred to the bottle where it will continue to age. Late Bottled Vintage, as the name suggests, is bottled later, remaining in wood between four and six years. During this relatively long period of wood ageing, an LBV matures and settles down -  it is ready to drink when bottled, does not need to be decanted and can be served by the glass for several weeks after the cork is drawn.

LBV was developed as a high quality but more affordable and immediately drinkable alternative to Vintage port to be enjoyed by the glass on everyday occasions. It was first launched in 1970 by Taylor’s current Chairman, Alistair Robertson, with the Late Bottled Vintage 1965.
Although many other houses now offer this wonderful style of wine, Taylor’s LBV – the original Late Bottled Vintage – remains the benchmark in the category; the first choice of the knowledgeable Port drinker.

Deep ruby colour. The elegant and stylish nose combines fresh, intense blackcurrant and cherry aromas with subtle notes of liquorice and spice. On the palate the rich and concentrated black fruit flavour is supported by firm but well integrated tannins. True to the Taylor’s style the wine shows great balance and finesse.

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