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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Munich Limited Edition Whisky 70cl

Ref: 13514
29 May, 2024
If you order before 4pm on 28 May, 2024.
Unit (£49.30 / 100ml)
UK Whisky Johnnie Walker

A limited bottling of Johnnie Walker Blue Label with an exclusive Munich design on the bottle and box.

The Johnnie Walker whisky brand has a rich history of over 200 years. Founded by John Walker in Kilmarnock, Scotland, in 1820, the distillery began as a small grocery store selling whisky. Over time, John and his son Alexander improved the process of blending whiskies from different regions of Scotland to create unique and consistent flavours.

Over the years, Johnnie Walker has been a pioneer in product innovation, including the introduction of label colours to differentiate between different whisky styles. The brand was also among the first to export Scotch whisky to other countries, becoming easily recognized worldwide.

Today, Johnnie Walker is one of the most well-known and respected whisky brands, with a variety of award-winning blends that continue to be appreciated by whisky enthusiasts around the world. The brand's history is a tale of passion, skill, and dedication to quality that endures to this day.

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