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Hendricks Flora Adora Gin 70cl

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Scotland Gin Hendricks

An exciting new release from Ms Lesley Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities, Hendrick’s Flora Adora Gin is crafted from a refreshing infusion of florals most loved by our beloved butterflies and bees. Inspired by luscious landscapes bursting with fragrant Scottish wildflowers, Hendrick’s Gin invites you to feast your senses on a gin perfectly suited to garden get-togethers and blooming marvellous soirées. 

Look closer and you will find the signature Hendrick’s style gin, the combination of 11 fine botanicals enhanced with the delicious duo of rose and cucumber. Flora Adora adds another intriguing wave of flavour. This limited edition expression is infused with a secret selection of sweet flowers to create an enticingly fresh, lusciously floral gin.

Available in a stunning 70cl bottle, Flora Adora makes the most perfect gin gift for any Hendrick’s enthusiast.


Tasting Notes:
Aroma - Buzzing with an enticing aroma of enchanting flowers and a fresh, herbal character that is consummately and classically Hendrick’s in style.
Taste -The beautiful juniper and coriander backbone is lengthened by lush, green and wonderfully deep sweet floral characteristics.

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