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The Lakes Whiskymakers Elements 7 x 20cl

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29 May, 2024
If you order before 4pm on 28 May, 2024.
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England Whisky Lakes

The original Whiskymaker's Project, Elements is a library of whisky learning. Offering a rare glimpse into the mind of a whiskymaker as they set out to create a new single malt whisky, this project originates before we ever released a single malt. 

Remarkably rare and individually numbered, this collection of whisky is the result of a forensic examination of what a sherry cask could be. One of only 1,368 whisky libraries, it explores the flavour, aroma and texture derived from different sherry-seasoned oak casks, presenting a snapshot in time of seven different types of sherry wine: Fino, Manzanillia, Amontadillo, Palo Cortado, Cream, PX and Oloroso. 

From dozens of casks and specifications used in the original project, seven core elements were identified for Elements, whereby all parameters remained identical; the oak type (American Oak), cask size (500-litre butts), maturing spirit, warehousing conditions and ABV (54%).

The result? Each Element isn't a one-off, a special release, or an intriguing diversion from the main business, but one of the infinite fundamental building blocks that make up the Lakes' maturation philosophy. It offers a whisky enthusiast the rare opportunity to experience, with the aid of a reference library, the specific characters, aroma, texture and flavour that each element has to play when used as a blending component in the creation of a sherry-led single malt whisky. 

Each set contains:

  • A unique whisky library of seven 20cl elements, each exploring a different sherry-seasoned oak
  • A hardcover Elements guidebook, offering a background to each sherry wine and how it interacts with our casks and new make spirit
  • An individually numbered certificate; one of only 1,368 libraries


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