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Veuve Clicquot Rich Rose Champagne 75cl

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France Champagne Veuve Clicquot

In the tradition of Champagne, wines that were blended for greater sweetness were customarily described as “rich”. Propelling this tradition and known for its audacity, the house introduced, in 2016, Veuve Clicquot Rich Rosé, a new playful drinking experience, created for mixology. By adding ice cubes and selected ingredients to Rich Rosé, Veuve Clicquot invites everyone to customize their drinking experience and enjoy even more freshness from their favorite Champagne

With its aromatic intensity and silkiness, Rich Rosé stands at the crossroads between champagne and cocktail, and was created expressly so you can add ingredients to create your own tasting experience. The red-fruit flavours of rosé champagne reach new, exciting heights in sweet and round Rich Rosé. Serve over ice, and add lime, pineapple, ginger or Earl Grey tea to bring out your inner “Clicquologist.”

Veuve Clicquot Rich Rosé's floral aromas and fruit flavours make it a verstatile main ingredient for cocktails. To experiment with Clicquology, place several ice cubes in a large, wide glass. Add ginger or lime for a fresh cocktail, or pineapple for a fruity drink, and top up with chilled champagne. For a sense of refinement, use chilled Earl Grey tea instead of fruit.



A dreamy, translucent pink with a hint of copper.


Subtle floral aromas can be enhanced or mellowed depending on the ingredients added.


Meunier brings delicious fresh notes, while the pinot noir adds intense red fruit flavours. A creamy finish follows.

- 40 to 45% Pinot Noir

- 40% Meunier

- 15% Chardonnay

- Suitable for Vegans

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