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Bombay Citron Presse Lemon Gin 70cl

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England Gin Bombay Sapphire

A vibrant gin bursting with the taste of freshly squeezed Mediterranean lemons, made from an 100% natural fruits infusion with no added sugar.

Bombay Citron Pressé is a new creative gin expression inspired by the flavours of the classic Tom Collins cocktail. A zesty spirit that’s easy to mix, inspiring creative twists on classic cocktails.

A RealFruits Infusion - Capturing the real flavour and essence of hand-picked Mediterranean lemons harvested early in the season to capture, the bright, zestful citrus notes at their most vibrant. Their flavour is concentrated to create a naturally refreshing, fruits infusion.

100% Natural Fruits,No Added Sugar - Instead of adding artificial additives and sugars, Bombay Citron Pressé contains hand-picked Mediterranean lemons, that are hand-peeled and concentrated to create an 100% natural fruits infusion.

PerfectSummer Gin - Bombay Citron Pressé has a naturally refreshing and sophisticated flavour that is easy to mix and perfect for Summer cocktail occasions, from a classic Pressé & Tonic, Ultimate Tom Collins, or simply over ice in a lighter Pressé & Soda.

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