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Aviation American Gin 70cl

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USA Gin Aviation

Aviation Gin is a completely unique and distinguished gin from Portland, Oregon. Based on a ‘Botanical Democracy’ Aviation Gin has a balance of flavours rather than being dictated by juniper.

The Story

A collaboration between craft distiller, Portland’s House Spirits, and acclaimed bartender Ryan Magarian- Aviation American Gin has been created specifically with cocktails in mind. A pioneer of the ‘New Western Dry’ style of gin now gaining popularity, Aviation American Gin has a unique recipe, focussing on a ‘Botanical Democracy’ rather than the standard, dictatorial influence of juniper. Therefore, Aviation American Gin is a renegade, regional style of gin- completely different from all other gins on the market. Full bodied, with a weighty mouth feel and rich flavour profile, Aviation American Gin makes the perfect base for cocktails, including the Aviation cocktail first created in the early 1900’s- the cocktail after which we named our gin.


AROMA - Crisp notes of juniper alongside delicate floral sweetness, parma violets, a touch of citrus peel and some green vegetal notes in there too, with a pinch of spice.

APPEARANCE - Crystal clear

PALATE - Wonderfully spicy notes, more prominent than on the nose, cardamom shining through and a scattering of cinnamon, with floral notes continuing.

FINISH - pices linger, along with the return of citrus peel.

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