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Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 70cl

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UK 15 YO Whisky Glenfiddich

Glenfiddich 15 Year Old exemplifies Glenfiddich's family tradition of innovation. Aged in European oak sherry casks and new oak casks for at least fifteen years, this warming, spiced liquid is then mellowed in the Solera Vat, a large oak tun inspired by the bodegas of Spain and Portugal.

This unique oak Vat at the Glenfiddich distillery remains at least half-full, and hasn't been empty since 1998. The secret of the Solera Tun intensifies the malt, making it richer and more complex and infusing warm spice, honey, and rich fruit layers into this best-selling single malt whisky. Enjoy mouth-watering aromas of vanilla and fudge, which mingle with hints of marzipan, cinnamon and ginger. 


COLOUR - Golden with a red hue.

NOSE - An intriguingly complex aroma. Sweet heather honey and vanilla fudge combined with rich dark fruits.

TASTE - Silky smooth, revealing layers of sherry oak, marzipan, cinnamon and ginger. Full-bodied and bursting with flavour.

FINISH - Satisfyingly rich with lingering sweetness.

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