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Lanson Le Black Creation 258 Brut MV Champagne 75cl

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France MV Champagne Lanson

"Recreating the finest expression of the Lanson style with each harvest is a duty of memory and a challenge that requires creativity and humility towards nature. Each Création is unique and writes a new page in our stor y, one that we share with the utmost transparency." - Hervé Dantan Winemaker at Maison Lanson



2018 was a year of exceptional quality, offering near-perfect weather conditions, that were both hot and dry. The warm sunshine, which continued into very late autumn, allowed the vines to develop in their own time. They were protected from any disease or water stress, as the very wet winter had allowed for plenty of water to be stored. The early harvests began on 20 August. Respecting the unique character of each parcel made it possible to harvest rich and complex Pinot Noirs. The Chardonnays revealed a freshness and exceptional elegance, while the Meuniers stood out for their remarkable softness, revealing wonderful notes of fruit and spice.

Each Création has a unique recipe that is revealed through the QR code displayed on each back label. This new tool allows all connoisseurs to discover the secrets behind their Création, and marks a new chapter in the desire for transparency.


EYE - Amber shimmers are reflected in a gleaming colour with a fine stream of bubbles.

NOSE  - A bouquet of tangy fruit among which aromas of William pear, apple and citrus are precisely identifiable. After a few minutes, aromas of freshly-baked pastries appear.

PALATE - Generous with flavours of ripe orchard fruit, notes of mandarin, lemon and grapefruit that burst on the palate, providing a sensation of freshness. Maturity is expressed through notes of brioche a


Pinot Noir 50%  -  Chardonnay 35%   -   Pinot Meunier 15%

Number of Crus 92   -   Including Grand and Premier Crus 49

Harvest 2018 68%   - Reserve wines 32% 

Ageing 4 years  -  Dosage 8g/L Bru



Combining a sense of heritage with expertise, Lanson Winemakers have perpetuated for over 260 years a characterful, fresh and elegant style, with the multi vintage brut as its signature. Renamed Le Black Label by Victor Lanson in 1937, as a sign of its openness to the world and in tribute to the Royal Court of England, this iconic cuvée took a first step in the history of the House. When he joined as Winemaker in 2013, Hervé Dantan set about enriching this heritage. By adapting to the uniqueness of each harvest, he took the precision of there blends even further. Driven by this creative mission, he redesigned the production facility, reshaped the expertise and worked to develop cultural practices.

Hervé Dantan redefines Le Black Label with Le Black Création, a name that illustrates the tailored work demanded by the exceptional character of each harvest. Each Création comes with a number in reference to the number of harvests that have taken place since the House was founded in 1760. More than ever, it places expertise, transparency and authenticity at the heart of our approach. Each Création is unique and enhances the previous one.


Le Black Création reflects the diversity of terroirs in Champagne. With access to some one hundred Crus, they have a unique colour palette available to us in order to compose there blends in line with the Lanson identity and with the right balance gifted to us by nature. Led by the expertise of Hervé Dantan, they practise committed viticulture based on a proximity to the vineyards and a comprehensive understanding of the specificity of each terroir, which allows then to be even more meticulous in selecting the grapes on the estates of there partner growers and Lansons vineyards.


Reserve wines are a key ingredient in the recipe for each Création.

Over the centuries, there Winemakers have built a veritable library of reserve wines spanning over 20 years. This heritage is enriched by Hervé Dantan and his team, allowing them to pass it on to the next generations. These reserve wines, kept year after year, express their full potential and act as a showcase for the previous harvest. To take the aromatic depth of there blends even further, in 2013 Hervé Dantan established a “perpetual reserve”, maintained every year from the previous blend. 

A part of this reserve wine, aged in stainless steel, is a mark of identity and imbues the wine with the spirit of its ancestors.The perpetual reserve, aged in barrels, is guided towards its finest expression through this additional breathability that is only possible with wood. The wines emerge softer and elevated.


To reveal the freshness and balance of Lansons wines, there Winemakers have always preserved the original principle of Champagne vinification, with predominantly non-malolactic fermentation. This historic expertise allows the wines to retain a wonderful vitality and great aromatic richness over the years. 

Mindful of this founding vision, Hervé Dantan set himself a technical challenge by combining this traditional method with a small proportion of wines that have been through malolactic fermentation. This demanding practise allows us to diversify the profile of there wines. The Lanson style is asserted and shaped over time. Each Création spends four years in there cellars. As such, in 2023 Maison Lanson is presenting Le Black Création 257, corresponding to the 257th blend since it was founded in 1760

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