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Lanson Le Black Creation 75cl and 2 Flutes Pack

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France Champagne Lanson

Lanson Le Black Creation and 2 Flutes Pack contains a bottle of Lanson Le Black Creation Champagne with 2 branded lanson champagne flutes. If there is one Non-Vintage Brut champagne that is universally appreciated, it is surely Lanson Black Label, a great classic that embodies the ideas and the character of a great House. A quality Champagne, loved the world over and is a showcase for the ideas and character of those making it. Three grape varieties come into making of Lanson Brut: Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (black grapes) and Chardonnay (white grapes).



Each Création has a unique recipe that is revealed through the QR code displayed on each back label. This new tool allows all connoisseurs to discover the secrets behind their Création, and marks a new chapter in the desire for transparency.


EYE - Amber shimmers are reflected in a gleaming colour with a fine stream of bubbles.

NOSE  - A bouquet of tangy fruit among which aromas of William pear, apple and citrus are precisely identifiable. After a few minutes, aromas of freshly-baked pastries appear.

PALATE - Generous with flavours of ripe orchard fruit, notes of mandarin, lemon and grapefruit that burst on the palate, providing a sensation of freshness. Maturity is expressed through notes of brioche and dried fruit.

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