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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Winter Edition 70cl

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UK Whisky Johnnie Walker

When it comes to elegant editions fit for gift-giving, you can always rely on Johnnie Walker. The Scottish house's different blends are already a treat on their own, especially the Blue Label Whisky. This drink is basically the pride of the Walker family. For the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Winter Edition, the whisky is clad in a new design meant to battle the cold and dark winter season with some tasty warmth. There are only 636 bottles in total, which is why you should secure your bottle as soon as possible - be it for yourself or as a gift to a whisky lover or someone intent on becoming one!

The bottle comes in a dark blue reminiscent of the winter sky and sports some snowflakes as well as the star constellation present during European winter. The contained Blue Label blend allures as usual with hints of fruits and honey.

Relish the drink neat together with your loved ones by the fire or mix up some "Four Corners" cocktails. For those, you pour some Johnnie Walker Blue Label into a tumbler filled with ices cubes, add a dash of coconut sugar syrup as well as three dashes of cardamom bitters and stir slowly and gently. The drink is garnished with a morello cherry and orange zest. The name "Four Corners" is based on the ingredients and their origin, namely four different corners of the world: the whisky comes from Europe, the coconut sugar syrup from America, the cardamom from India, and the cherry from Asia.

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