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Le Clos Lanson 2006 Vintage Brut Champagne in Wooden Box 75cl

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France 2006 Champagne Lanson

Clos Lanson - A Secret Garden

Just opposite Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral lies a unique plot of one hectare surrounded by tall protective walls, that dates back to the 18th century: Clos Lanson.
Situated on top of the hill where the House of Lanson and its wine cellars are also located, Clos Lanson benefits from a distinctive microclimate and particularly chalky soil.

The vineyard is treated just like a family garden due to its small size and the special care and attention that it has always received.

The vines of Clos Lanson have always been a favourite of the House's owners and are visited daily by the Wine-Maker. In order to carry on the Lanson family spirit, every year the men and women of the house help harvest this precious plot, selecting only flawless, quality grape bunches for the production of Clos Lanson Champagne.


Clos Lanson 2006 - A Precious Wine

Wines from Clos Lanson have rare, unique characteristics that have always appealed to Lanson Wine-Makers. In 2006, the decision was made to offer connoisseurs the eponymous Cuvée from this promising vintage. Clos Lanson is a vintage Champagne whose juice, which comes exclusively from the first pressing, is vinified for several months in oak barrels. After lengthy ageing in cellars, a precious wine is obtained: radiant, rich and extremely elegant.

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