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Pommery Grand Cru Vintage 2009 Champagne 75cl

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France 2009 Champagne - Vintage Pommery

The year 2009 has been described by some as a “gift from the gods”. Nature gave us an ideal summer: hot, dry and very sunny. Everything came together to harvest very large grapes.

The bunches were in exceptional health, without any alteration. The juices from this harvest presented a natural balance close to perfection. Coming from seven emblematic grands crus of the House, this vintage is anchored in history by the nobility of its origins.


EYE - Pale gold with delicate golden nuances, signs of elegance and maturity. Exceptional shine. Effervescence of great finesse.

NOSE - The first notes are floral and sweet and reminiscent of honeysuckle and acacia flower. As it opens, 
the wine reveals fruitier nuances of dried fig but also frangipane.

MOUTH - Very straight and with exceptional minerality, the velvety structure of the wine is reminiscent of Champagne chalk. The balance is perfect.

After making a fortune in the wool industry, in 1856, Mr Pommery was in fragile health and decided to retire from business and enjoy a quiet life. His son Louis was no longer a child. Mr Pommery and his wife did not have any special plans. They simply wanted to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. But destiny had other things in store for them? Madame Pommery discovered she was expecting a child, at the age of 38. This miraculous pregnancy, more than 17 years after her first, would change their lives forever. To provide for his baby daughter, Mr Pommery decided to go back into business. But the wool industry was in crisis. However, the champagne trade was booming.

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