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Edinburgh Classic Gin 70cl

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Scotland Gin Edinburgh Gin

Tastes like fresh blossom, rain-kissed cobbles & spellbinding skies

Edinburgh Gin Classic is a distillation of the legendary city, with Edinburgh present in every sip. Heady notes of pine buds and lavender that grow in our lush, green parks, the darkness of the mulberries that echo the cities gothic surroundings and the effervescence of citrus fruits, once exported from warmer climates through the city’s bustling docks.

Edinburgh Gin Classic…Our tale of wonder, told through taste.

Enjoy how you like. We drink it with tonic, a twist of orange, lots of ice and lots of friends.


THE NOSE - Clean and fresh with spiced notes

THE PALATE - Rounded juniper, pine, floral lavender, with hints of soft spice and aromatic citrus.

THE FINISH - Bright citrus giving away to a round, smooth finish.

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