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Cantina Del Garda Rose Prosecco DOC 75cl

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Italy Prosecco Cantina Del Garda

Originally established as Bianco di Custoza, this DOC dates back to 1971 & was one of the first for white wines in Italy.  The winery makes wonderful denomination specific wines from their facilities located near the breathtaking Lake Garda in Northern Italy. The extended area around the Lake Garda offers some of the most valued wines in Italy 

Delicate pink colour similar to the colour of a peach blossom. The bubbles are fine and persistent. It has an intense nose of peach, raspberry and ripe passion fruit with hints of flowers. The wine is made mostly with Glera grapes and around 10% of Pinot Nero to achieve the pink colour and add to the wine's complexity. The taste is pleasantly dry, zesty and very fresh.

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