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Hendricks Grand Cabaret Limited Edition Gin 70cl

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UK Gin Hendricks

Introducing the NEW, LIMITED RELEASE, Hendrick’s Grand Cabaret gin: an indulgent creation infused with a sensuous cabaret of decadent stone fruit flavours and shimmies of sweet aromatic herbs. Inspired by a 17th-century fruity French experiment, where distilling mounds of stone fruit unexpectedly yielded a truly tasty potion sparked the imagination of our master distiller, Lesley Gracie to experiment with that same sense of poetic extravagance.

At the heart of this extraordinary creation lies an unusual gin experience, drawing inspiration from the past and redefining the boundaries of traditional gin. Presented in a gorgeous 70 cl bottle, Hendrick’s Grand Cabaret embraces the essence of rich fruit tones and aromatic herbs, meticulously distilled to perfection, resulting in an unforgettable infused gin that delights the senses.

Designed for the discerning gin lover, this premium gin will seduce your taste buds with pirouettes of decadent stone fruit and shimmies of sweet herb. The result is a decadently delicious expression of Hendrick’s that’s ideal to add a refreshing elegance to glorious get-togethers.

From a lavish soiree to an intimate gathering, Hendrick’s Grand Cabaret elevates your spirits collection with its captivating blend of botanicals and refreshing, fruity gin taste profile. Just add tonic & a garnish of cucumber to indulge in the unconventional allure of this handcrafted gin, celebrating individuality and a taste that stands apart from the crowd.

Join the grand celebration of flavour, raise your glass to the decadent beauty of Hendrick’s Grand Cabaret, and let your senses embark on an enchanting journey through the world of premium gin.

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