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Louis Roederer Cristal Cuvee 2015 Vintage Champagne 75cl

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France 2015 Champagne - Vintage Louis Roederer

Like a brand new symphony, Cristal resonates with a different tone to that of the previous vintages. This iconic cuvée from Champagne Louis Roederer is born in the vineyards at Domaine Cristal and beats to the rhythm of the seasons, the climate and the work undertaken in the vineyards. Just like a fine Burgundy cru, this champagne finds nourishment in its soils, their vibration and their unbreakable bond with the sun and the light.

A perfect reflection of its terroir, Cristal hails from vineyard plots that have been slowly built up since 1845 and sustainably worked as part of a bespoke viticultural approach. The practices include massal selection, gentle pruning, the use of biodynamic composts and allowing the land to lie fallow for long periods. Louis Roederer also uses methods inspired by the principles of permaculture, in which the ecosystem adjusts its balance and creates a close bond between Man and Nature.

"Cristal is a wine of evolution, a wine that continues to reveal itself to us, slowly and gradually as it ages, unveiling a very different side to itself and the true extent of its unqiue personality."— Frédéric Rouzaud, CEO

The Cristal identity is unique, original and truly unlike any other in the history of the fine wines from the Champagne region. It is a wine of the soil, a wine of depth, a wine of the land yet turned to the light, reaching for the sky that il almost seems to touch. Every new vintage reveals the unmistakable Cristal character although through a very different prism each time. A kaleidoscope of flavours and textures, a palette of nuances that is constantly evolving and renewing itself much to the delight of the wine lover who will be surprised yet delighted to discover Cristal in yet another new light. Perfectly in keeping with the continental trend of the decade, the 2015 vintage thus created wines that were ripe, well-structured and crowned by a bold freshness guided by its white soils. Brought our by Roederer's gentle and virtuous winegrowing practices, the purity of the chalk shines through and we are offered a perfect symbiosis of maturity and freshness.


For the first time since 2002, this vintage is sourced from all 45 plots where the vines are over 20 years old and thus eligible for inclusion in the Cristal blend. With its concentrated character, this continental year has given us this exceptional and rare opportunity and today it is simply magical to see the whole Estate reflect the identity of this unique wine: pure fruit, superb finesse and elegant length.


A golden hue with soft, glowing highlights. Fine, steady, gentle bubbles. Powerful and complex on the palate, revealing a mixture of yellow fruit (mirabelle plum), juicy, ripe fruits (nectarine), citrus peel (candied orange) and finely-roasted nuts (hazelnut). The nose is simultaneously powdery and sweet, with elegant, chalky notes. Gentle, tactile and full-bodied on the palate. The bubbles create a gentle, vibrating sensation, then the wine becomes soft, dense and juicy. But it is the chalky freshness that quickly sets the tone: the sweetness becomes energetic and intense, giving the wine an elegant yet powerful texture. Fine, textured tannins reveal a poised and vinous dimension to the wine. The finish is savoury and saline.

GRAPE VARIETIES: 60% Pinot noir 40% Chardonnay

DOSAGE: 8g/l

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