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Balvenie American Bourbon Barrel 14 Year Old 70cl

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Scotland Whisky Balvenie

Candied orange peel is grounded in woody, earthy flavours from beautifully roasted malt and deep vanilla oakiness.


A Symphony of Flavors

Destined for Single Barrel 12 glory, this whisky took an intriguing turn. Distilled just after peat week, a whisper of smokiness infused the spirit, a surprising note that complements the rich character imparted by our finest Bourbon casks during its 14-year slumber. This unexpected encounter has yielded a whisky unlike any other, a testament to the subtle influences that shape a Balvenie.


A Collection of Curious Casks

Behind the weighty warehouse door lies a vast space filled with the heady aroma of wood and whisky. As your eyes slowly adjust to the darkness, thousands of casks are revealed. Shafts of light from the small warehouse windows illuminate the meticulously stacked library of liquid treasures.

There are the classics, and amongst them, rare and striking Single Casks, yet to be discovered. Amidst this scene, one man waits, dressed in a simple black t-shirt, despite Speyside's frosty temperatures. A second figure approaches, heralded by the sound of light footsteps which echo around the lofty warehouse.

As usual, their conversation is punctuated by peals of laughter. After delivering her Sample requests, Our Malt Master Kelsey McKechnie makes her way to the Tasting Room, leaving George Paterson alone in his natural habitat. He doesn’t linger long; he has a job to do.

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