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Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin 70cl

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16 July, 2024
If you order before 4pm on 15 July, 2024.
Unit (£5.70 / 100ml)
Sapin Gin Nordes Gin

Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin is unusual, and for gin, that’s a good thing! It’s made from Albarino grape spirits, rather than the more common grain spirit, and a whole slew of botanicals and herbs that includes, liquorice, eucalyptus, lemon peels, hibiscus, juniper, and more. The flavour is floral and robust, slightly perfume-y on the nose, but really satisfying on the palate. There’s a bit of juniper, accented by minty notes, black tea, and crisp florals.

Overall, Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin is more like an exotic liqueur than a straight-up gin, but with so many varieties of the usual stuff out there, it’s nice to take an exotic departure. Like the name suggests, Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin comes from Galicia in northern Spain, and uses locally sourced materials, so you know you’re getting the real thing.  Spanish are catching up to us Brits when it comes to there love for gin, so if you haven’t tried any of the Spanish gin offerings, Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin is a great place to start. This unique tipple can be enjoyed a variety of ways. On its own, it’s delicious served up over ice and gently sipped, but if you’re insistent on mixing, it’s lovely with tonic, blended up in to a variety of summery cocktails, and even served up with a fresh edible flower in the chicest of martinis.

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