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Glenfiddich 21 Year Old Gran Reserva, 2024 Chinese New Year Limited Edition Design 70cl

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21 May, 2024
If you order before 4pm on 20 May, 2024.
Unit (£27.70 / 100ml)
UK 21 YO Whisky Glenfiddich

Created together with acclaimed artist Raku Inoue, this limited edition gift box design celebrates Spring and Lunar New Year. Our Glenfiddich stag comes to life petal by petal, leaf by leaf. Raku carefully pieced this intricate creation by hand, a worthy gift for blossoming futures.

· This Lunar New Year, Glenfiddich has created A Gift For Blossoming Futures, signifying hope in the promise of new life soon to bloom.

· Celebrating the great outdoors with the help of multidisciplinary artist Raku Inoue, the design was inspired by nature's splendour and the re-emergence of the magnificent Wood Dragon, the 2024 Chinese zodiac animal. 

· The Glenfiddich Lunar New Year 2024 limited-edition pack will be treasured, whether gifted to friends or family.


Born in Japan and based in Canada, Raku’s artistic journey led to his mastery of drawing, handcrafting and photography. This understanding of image composition has more recently developed his love of working with organic materials - including flowers, leaves, and numerous flora species.


Raku has applied his signature style to bring to life the Glenfiddich Lunar New Year limited editions, uniting the iconic Glenfiddich Stag with the magnificent Wood Dragon through his masterful lens. A legendary creature, Wood Dragons are born leaders, their spirits reminiscent of the Glenfiddich pioneers. As a native Earth element, wood personifies growth and the flowering of new life. In homage to this mythical creature, this year the Glenfiddich Stag has been inspired by the Wood Dragon – from the leaves of the forest, symbolizing an auspicious future in full bloom ahead.


Raku Inoue comments: "Lunar New Year represents growth and renewal, and what better symbol than nature. My aim was to take you on a journey to the great outdoors, harnessing some of the most magnificent elements. Fu Lu, the Glenfiddich Stag, is formed and crafted petal by petal, element by element from natural materials and fitting to this auspicious moment in time.” 


Tasting notes:

Nose: Fig, Banana and rich toffee.

Taste: Initially soft, then brisk, vibrant and drying. Peppery with a touch of smoke, oak, lime, ginger and spices.

Finish: Very long, warming, dry and spicy


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