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Glenfiddich IPA Experimental Series No.01

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UK Whisky Glenfiddich

Part of Glenfiddich's Experimental Series comes a single malt which was finished for three months in casks which previously held IPA! This Glenfiddich IPA Experiment will delight whisky lovers and novices alike. Created collaboratively by Glenfiddich Malt Master Brian Kinsman and IPA expert Seb Jones, the IPA which was in the casks before the whisky was specially brewed for this expression by the Speyside Craft Brewery. As every whisky aficionado will know, whisky gains much of its flavour and character - and all its colour - from the cask it ages in. For many years, distilleries have experimented with ageing their spirit in various different vessels. But no one's ever made their own craft India Pale Ale, just to flavour their casks! Yet that's exactly what blender Brian Kinsman and local craft brewer Seb Jones did in order to imbue that crisp, zesty hoppiness that you only get in the best craft IPAs. The resulting whisky has a light, lifted edge that malt lovers will adore. Brian and Seb suggest further experimentation by rubbing blood orange zest round the rim of your glass.

Bound to be a fascinating whisky for whisky and beer enthusiasts alike (and the cross-over of that Venn diagram, too).

Producer's Tasting Note:
Nose: An elegant harmony of fresh green apple, William’s pear and spring blossom. Complimented with Aromatic hops and fresh herbs.
Palate: Vibrant with a zesty citrus note followed by creamy vanilla and a hint of fresh hops.
Finish: Enduring sweetness with an echo of green hops.

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