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Hendricks Neptunia Gin 70cl
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Hendricks Neptunia Gin 70cl

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Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA is remarkably familiar, as it is based on the signature round house style made by curiously combining 11 dried botanicals distilled in two unusual stills and adding the delicious duo rose and cucumber as a coupe de grâce, but Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA adds yet another wave of flavour with an enticing chorus of deeply refreshing coastal botanicals and combines a smooth, bright citrus finish with a deliciously distant sea breeze.

For Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA, they used botanicals that grow in the sea or near the coast and can be found on the rugged coast of Scotland where Hendrick’s is based. As for exactly which ones, they wont be telling…While many other (dare we say, less unusual) brands adopt the conventional approach to describing their liquids, Ms. Gracie zigs where others zag, preferring to create intrigue and draw in consumers by leaving some secrets untold.

What’s more, Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA gains its strength not from the specific botanicals themselves, but rather how the ingredients combine to tell the story of the sea. Ms. Gracie has translated the magic and mystery of the sea into a gin and the final botanicals she used to do so will remain, well, a mystery!


What is the best way to drink Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA?

Like all of Hendrick’s Gins, Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA is really refreshing served with tonic and a slice or three of cucumber. But if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous but still splendidly simple to stir up at home, the Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA Fizz is fabulous. To make it, just combine two parts of Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA with one part fresh lime and one part simple syrup and top with soda. Add a few slices of cucumber to finish and ahoy! Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA also makes a mean twist on a margarita, thanks to its fresh citrus finish. To make one of these, simply combine two parts Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA gin, with one part fresh lime, add a smidgen of agave nectar and shake, garnish with a slice of cucumber and you have yourself a NEPTUNIA Curious Margarita.

How does Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA compare to Hendrick’s Gin?

Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA has the signature round flavour profile favoured by Ms. Lesley Gracie and uses Hendrick’s Gin as its base. The key difference for Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA is the addition of coastal botanicals, which provide an earthy depth and refreshing herbal quality which is lifted, balanced, and brightened by the lightness of the smooth, citrus finish.

Aroma: Imbued with the deep aroma of a coastal walk and balanced with fresh notes of citrus with a nod to our classic Hendrick’s house style.

Taste: Our alluring juniper character is lengthened with the deep earthy notes of locally sourced Scottish coastal botanicals, the fresh character of coastal herbs and an unmistakably clean and smooth citrus finish.


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